2010. április 21., szerda

RAK at AvDesign

I have some wonderfull news !! Avdesigns gonna be guest designer at a new shop CREATIVE MUNDI (http://www.creativemundi.com.br/store/home.php) It's a GORGEOUS shop with talented designers and gorgeous stuffs. As a guest designer she will offer a discount off 30% on ALL her scrapstuff. So don't miss it and hurry to the shop.
RAK !!
To enter the drawing of the rak, just tell Avdesigns wich product of her you like the most.
Write your answer here in her comment box at her blog and she will enter your name in random maybe you are the lucky one who wins a coupon of 5$!
The RAK will be open untill saturday 24th of april at 23:59 belgian time.
at Annelies's blog :-)

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